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About Studr

Kathleen and Michael set out to create a simple and easy to use app that helps you to easily connect with classmates at your school. With STUDR, you can do the following;

Search Your School

STUDR has over 4,000 Colleges and Universities in its database. Simply type in your college name and set your school. This will put you in the searchable network at your school.

Search Your Class/Group

Once you have your school set, you can simply look for your group by entering the class or group name.

Create a Study Group

Want to create your own group? Just click on the “Create” icon and simply enter your information. You also have the option to keep the group “private” as well. Enter the time and day you want the group to meet and STUDR will send a push reminder an hour before!

Find and Invite Friends

Once you created your group, select “Invite Friends” to add people to your group. All you need to do is type in their name in the search box and when you see their name and picture, click invite! Your classmate will receive a notification to join the group.

Join Group Discussions

Heard about a great group and want to join? Simply type the group name in the search box and click “Join Group”. Once you’re in the group, type messages to the entire group! (note that group has to be public to search).

Meet For Study Sessions

With the location and time set on the group profile, planning group meeting time and location is a breeze!

Our Adventure

It all started back in 2014 when Kathleen and Michael were sitting in front of Serendipity 3 in NYC waiting for a table… actually, it started way before that. Kathleen and Michael had been family friends for a few years and always enjoyed talking about business and their big ideas, it turned into a great and truly unique friendship. Kathleen had the opportunity work at Michael’s company as an intern, learning from him all about sales and marketing and in return Michael got to learn all about things like Justin Bieber and College Level Accounting. Ok, back to Serendipity! Since Michael traveled often for his work, they decided to make it a point to get together once a month for lunch or dinner just to catch up and talk about their favorite thing, “Big Ideas.” This particular night in the summer of 2014 Kathleen and Michael were sitting on the bench waiting to be called for a table when Kathleen quietly said “I have an idea for an APP” and began to describe the idea based on her need to connect with classmates, but didn’t have an easy way to do so. Michael, found the idea fascinating and immediately started to look to see if there was anything like it available, there wasn’t. The two set aside some time and on 2ft x 3ft paper and colored pencils began to sketch out the idea and in a very simple way… STUDR was born.

Leadership Team

Lets be clear, Carson has all the power in this organization, but Kathleen and Michael can hold their own too. Their relationship is definitely unique, but these two definitely bring a lot to the table.
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Kathleen Tripp

Chief Executive Officer/Co Founder
Kathleen is a recent college grad who understands the needs of todays college student, helping STUDR to continually evolve into a useful tool for todays college student.
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Michael Coleman

Chief Operations Officer/Co Founder
Michael has a rich background in sales and marketing, having had senior leadership roles with companies like Red Bull. Together, with their knowledge and passion, these two were able to bring to life their idea, STUDR, to life.
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Chief Barking Officer
Other than being cute, he is our official mascot who will help illustrate his journey and adventures as a loyal STUDR user.

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